StoryBoard - stories from Dublin

The idea behind Storyboard was to gather stories and link them to a physical place. It would be fantastic to be able to walk through a city and experience stories connected to your physical location. This kind of augmented reality is going to be a major part of our lives from now on, e.g. google glass, pokemon go and cars with heads-up displays.

For the exhibition, we were limited to the space in the Science Gallery. So to represent moving through the city, we developed a motion capture region to allow the visitor to choose a story by walking around the exhibition room. A webcam was used, and the visitors location was calculated using frame subtraction – comparing the current image to the previous in order to decide where the visitor has moved to.

We recorded 25 stories and placed them on a grid to be chosen by the visitor as they walked around.

Here are some the videos, see what you think.

The team behind the project were Andre Cardoso, Ruth Moran, Donal Carey, Brian McDermott, Yenan Wang and Joe Lakes.