revolver appointed Java web developer for IVRLA project in UCD

The UCD Humanities Institute launched a major digitisation project called the Irish Virtual Library and Archive (IVRLA) in 2005. The college has been digitising and cataloguing important research archives such as the Papers of Michael Collins and The Beckett Country Collection. The digitised objects are stored using Fedora Commons, a digital archiving tool. The aims of the project are to provide increased access to these valuable resources, while at the same time protecting the physical artefacts.

revolver was appointed in an IT Support role in November 2009 to provide web development skills in advance of the launch of the IVRLA’s web service. The service was developed using the Wicket application framework which facilitates the separation of the web mark-up and the system logic. We prepared W3C compliant XHTML and CSS for the whole service, and built the system logic for the Research Projects area of the web site using Java. Persistence was managed using Hibernate in front of a MySQL database. Source control was managed with Subversion and Eclipse was used as the development environment.

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