Java? Yes we can.

We have just completed two week-long training courses in UCD - Foundations of Java and Advanced Java. Taken together, the two courses follow the curriculum for the Sun Microsystems SCJP certification.

The courses are a joint venture between UCD's School of Computer Science and Crovan, a campus company in Belfield. Overall the standard of lecturing was extremely high. The initiative is part of the Program for National Recovery. Revolver wishes to thank UCD and Crovan, and to recommend these courses to any programmers needing to retrain in these difficult times.

Motion Tracking in Trinity College's Samuel Beckett Theatre

On Tuesday April 31st 2009, we presented a motion tracking experiment in Trinity College's Samuel Beckett Theatre. The occasion was a technology jamming session hosted by Trinity College and SMARTlab. Our role was to track dancers movements with digital cameras and generate real time video for projection onto the dancers costumes and the projection screen.

The system was built using Java, C++, Processing and the OpenFrameworks libraries. Two different approaches were taken - blob tracking, and live video analysis and editing. The artwork was designed by the artist Néill O'Dwyer.

revolver at The Project Arts Centre in Dublin's Temple Bar

In collaboration with artist Néill O’Dwyer, we presented the project Historicity Kybernetes at Project Brand New in the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar.

Using Java, C++, Processing, the OpenFrameworks libraries and a firewire camera suspended above the stage, the movement of the performers was recorded and transformed into abstract images.

StoryBoard - stories from Dublin

The idea behind Storyboard was to gather stories and link them to a physical place. It would be fantastic to be able to walk through a city and experience stories connected to your physical location. This kind of augmented reality is going to be a major part of our lives from now on, e.g. google glass, pokemon go and cars with heads-up displays.